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Moxie Living Counseling & Coaching (MLCC)  
An evidenced based therapeutic and solution-focused center that provides a medley of empowering approaches so lives can be changed in a positive way. MLCC's interactive seminars/workshops, radio & TV talk shows, & therapy sessions (individual & group) aide client's into gaining insight to the causes and triggers of emotional, mental, spiritual & physical complications; while establishing new & healthy lifestyles to live a successful life and do it right!

With a sensitive approach to psychotherapy and a platform for adults to live their best lives fearlessly; discover the path to overcome difficulties & live your best life with determination  & confidence

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Here are a few examples of areas we would work together based on your need:

  • Mental Health (maladaptive behavior & Irrational thought processing)
  • Sexuality/Intimacy Matters & Enhancement
  • Overcoming Insecurities & Self Esteem Issues
  • Emotional Regulation (self-esteem, stress mgt, coping skills…etc)
  • Spiritual/Grief Counseling
  • Relationships Coaching to Reach Satisfaction
  • Personal Growth & Discovering Life Goals 
  • Effective Communication
  • Living in Your Truth




I am pleased to announce the publishing of my 1st book Nelly's Notes, Journal For Mindful Living

now available for purchase on amazon.com!