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Sexpert & Life Coaches Nelly B & Eli Isabell, invites you to host one of their signature "Ignite" sessions in the privacy of your own home or venue. Moxie Ignite! offers a professional, mature, fun & most of all interactive erotic instructional session; combined with relationship coaching & sex toys to spark the bedroom ambiance. This event is designed to explore news ways to spice things up in the bedroom, while enhancing your relationship through the law of attraction & positive interaction that will take you to new orgasmic heights! Ignite can be designed  as a Girls/Guys/Couples Night, Divorce Party, Bachelorette Party (male/female entertainers can be requested), or Get Together’s. The theme of Moxie Ignite! events can be tailored to your request!

What's the difference between Passion Parties or Slumber Parties
Moxie Session Ignite!?

Simply~ we are offering more than literature about what sex toys and what sensual products do. We offer solution focused coaching on how to overcome embarrassment when using sensual toys & products, erotic instruction that will intensify the passion in your sex life and how to handle your relationship dilemmas all while implementing “Moxie” (the ability to face difficulty with spirit & courage) & living your best life now. The coaching you receive is provided by license professionals and trained/certified staff, who guarantee effective service. 



   2 hour Event includes:
*Candid conversation on Intimacy & relationship
* Erotic Novelty Instruction
* Sensual interactive games
* Host/Hostess gift & 10% off host's total purchase
* Complimentary Ignite Goodie gifts for guests
* Cash & Carry products from the "Pleasure Chest"


We value your privacy!!!                       

To ensure you and your guests have a truly enjoyable time to explore how you can ignite your passions & maintain great relationships, we adhere to the highest standard of professional confidentiality and offer confidentiality agreements to each participant.


   Basic Event Package Prices (for location within 75 miles of Wilmington, DE) : 
  **Under 10 people $125 (normally $175)
  **Over 15 people $175 (normally $250)
$10 each additional person 
$15 each additional couple 

    $75 Booking Fee due a week prior scheduled event (nonrefundable)