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Good Day Peoples,

The Personal Perspectives blog is my unique view into our world, as it relates to the health of our minds and souls. We are constantly bombarded with information in this modern day of technology, but do we stop to consider what this information means to us and how does it affect us. I hope to stimulate your mind and imagination to consider our world as we move through our daily lives and routines. 

Please join me as we consider current events, mindful living, and trying to find sanity in a world full of contridictions. I am pleased to join the Moxie family and I aim to add my unique voice to the Moxie family of programs. You may also find me on The Man's Perspective, and coming soon to a Moxie workshop near you! So come by and kick it with me for a few and chat about a few things.....


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This week's blog is about trauma:

In my day job, I deal with a lot of at risk children and young adults. These youths reside in areas, with high concentrations of trauma. Being able to better understand the impact that pervasive trauma has on things like brain development, will help me to increase my effectiveness with this population. In one of the reading with the promiscuous young lady, her early sexual abuse later translated into her becoming hyper-sexual. The violent youth that I work with was themselves victims or witnesses to violent acts somewhere in their development.

            The biggest thing that I now realize is that this trauma can manifest in unanticipated ways. I also will be more vigilant at looking out for somatic symptoms. I hope these reading places me on a path to be more helpful to the populations that I work with.


This week’s blog…. Anxiety:

Do you ever find yourself very fearful when it’s time for you to be in the spotlight? Whether that is a presentation you have to give, public speaking or just meeting a deadline. I used to tell myself that fear comes from lack of preparation or facing the unknown. Recently I have come to question if certain amounts of anxiety can be helpful. When I know that I have to do something really important, that nervousness is what makes me more on point in my delivery. That anxiousness makes me go that extra mile when studying for a test. I would agree that too much anxiety can definitely cause issues. It would seem in my case, just enough worry keeps me on my “A” game. So, balance, just like in most things, seems to be the key in harnessing this often times negatively viewed emotion for great things.