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Jennelle “Nelly B” Birthwright, MSW, LCSW  

Psychotherapist, Holistic Love & Life Coach, Sexuality Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Are You Open?(AYO) the Lifestyle Talk Show Host & Licensed Minister; I am a graduate of Delaware State University where I’ve earned a Bachelor’s of Science of Psychology degree and a Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration in mental health with 12+ years of experience in various areas of social work & clinical trainings. I am the CEO and founder of Moxie Living Counseling & Coaching (MLCC) where I aslo function as the clinical therapist & holistic love/life coach and a active member of The Association of Black Sexologists & Clinicians. In 2016, I obtianed my ministerial education & license under the Christian educational institution of Kingdom Theological College (KTC). KTC is where we ephasize the integration of faith, learning, spiritual transformation, healing and serving in community-based professions to carry out the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ and live by KTC's motto "HEAD...Learn it. HEART...Love it. HANDS...Live 


 Corey A. Wilkerson

Corey Wilkerson was born in Bronx, NY and raised in Delaware. Corey is the proud father of two amazing children and comes from a big family. He is the youngest with 3 sisters and 4 brothers. Currently holding a leadership role with a Fortune 50 company which he has been part of for over 16 years.
Corey recalls having an interests and passion for connecting with others at a young age. He gives credit to these connections as the source that has led to a number of lessons learned and life experience through conversations and interacting with others. Much of this has contributed to the man that he is today.
Corey is currently working on a number of projects including not 1 but 2 podcasts. He is 1 part of the dynamic duo for the “Are You Open” podcast which discuss such topics as culture, politics, relationships, health, the economy etc. He is also the host of the upcoming podcast “The Man’s Perspective” where he and guests will discuss the “male point of view” on various topics. Corey is also adding “Author” to his portfolio as he is taking part in 2 book projects that focus on love, relationships and his life experiences.
Corey is a firm believer that nothing happens by coincidence and he uses each given opportunity as a chance to be a listening ear and positive influence to others. His focus is to leave a legacy that will make his children and family proud.

With compassion, respect, equitablility & expertise, we operate with the methodology that is guaranteed to bring about effective results!