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Jennelle “Coach Nelly” Birthwright, MSW, LCSW  

Psychotherapist, Holistic Love & Life Coach, Sexuality Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show Host & Licensed Minister; I am a graduate of Delaware State University where I’ve earned a Bachelor’s of Science of Psychology degree and a Masters of Social Work degree with a concentration in mental health with 12+ years of experience in various areas of social work & clinical trainings. I am the CEO and founder of Moxie Living Counseling & Coaching (MLCC) where I aslo function as the clinical therapist & holistic love/life coach and a active member of The Association of Black Sexologists & Clinicians. In 2016, I obtianed my ministerial education & license under the Christian educational institution of Kingdom Theological College (KTC). KTC is where we ephasize the integration of faith, learning, spiritual transformation, healing and serving in community-based professions to carry out the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ and live by KTC's motto "HEAD...Learn it. HEART...Love it. HANDS...Live 



With compassion, respect, equitablility & expertise, we operate with the methodology that is guaranteed to bring about effective results!