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  • "My book came today seem like it was a day to recieve back tax refunds, blessings and with the book. Excellent read. Read in one sit. Great one my dear. Goes right along with your personality. I will be sharing it often as I see. Well deserved for you. What a God we serve.  keep preaching Woman, the message is OUT Moxie...." ~LaRenda (4/1/16)


  • "I really do love it...You better go girl! I really love your book, great job! I've been using it inmy pracitce & requiring my clients to purchase their own copies & complete it as apart of their homework" ~Tammy (3/14/16)


  • "Sounds very interesting and iintriguing. Hope to make a venture in this ddirection!" ~Elaine (8/31/2015)


  • "Love the monthly workshops!!! Always learn something about your inner self that you never realized! I would invite everyone to take part!!" ~Calik (10/13/2015)


  • "Shout out to my sis Nelly Bwright for an awesome Workshop tonight "Being A Public Success, but A Private Failure! How to Function In Your Dysfunction. If you wanna hear some real talk and educational strategies on how to live your best life, I suggest you please don't miss the next one! She is Delaware's Iyanla Vanzant lol! For real though...we are blessed to have her at Peniel Fellowship. 
    ‪#‎Fantasticjob‬ ‪#‎informative‬!‪#‎makeplans2attendthenext1‬"  ~Janet (10/9/2015)


  • “I LOVED the show! Seriously! You look amazing! I really liked the panel of people and how you guys just talked conversationally about things that people need to hear. Coincidentally, max and I have been going through a bit of a dry spell lately and we can't figure out how to shake it. This gave me SO much insight. So even though you didn't even know you were giving me amazing advice for my relationship, you did! Lol thank you!” ~ Stephanie (10/21/2015)


  • "Nelly you are a great wonderful anointed woman of God. Everything God places in your hands WILL prosper!! I am worldly and GODLY proud of you. Keep pressing and conquering the world sweetheart. Love you much!" ~Andrea  (10/25/2015)

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